What is the Locker Room?

- The Locker Room is an exclusive group consisting of 500 total members that have access to various 1/1 mintable collectibles created by the most respected and talented artists across the NFT space. The Locker Rooms main objective is to showcase the talent of various artists, while also allowing for the artists to remain profitable and support a charitable cause. These collectibles can be acquired by participating in auctions and will be given to the highest bidder among the members of the Locker Room.

How can I become a part of this group?

- Locker Room members are community members that have cooperated and did the tasks/challenges provided and have helped in growing our wonderful community. Team members will be observing the community quietly and taking notes behind the scenes of the members who have both supported and engaged with us. Another method to qualify for the Locker Room is the completion of given tasks/challenges. Community members who have been chosen will have been given the @MVP role. The ones with this specific role will have access to a private channel in our discord where they can speak to others regarding the Locker Room.

What are these tasks/challenges and how can I complete them?

- There will be sets of challenges that will be released a day before launch and will continue to be released continuously. One example of a task/challenge you may encounter is: First 5 who complete a "Balaclava Gang" set will be given a key to their own locker in the Locker Room. Each task/challenge is limited to be accomplished by 15 members only. After that, you'll need to pick other tasks that are still available. You don't have to accomplish all the given tasks, just pick one that is still available. Also take note that the tasks will not be limited to collecting sets. There will be a wide variety of tasks to select from.

Where will the auction funds be allocated?

- 50% will go to the corresponding artist who made the piece of art, 30% will go to our charity funds, and 20% will go back to project reinvestment.

When will it be available?

- The Locker Room will be available after the 100% sell out mark. Please keep in mind that the release of the Locker Room will require time. We want to provide our fellow artists with as much time required to create artwork that they can feel proud of. We will keep updating all you wonderful people on the status of the Locker Room.