These are 5 special characters that play a significant role in our comic series. The holders of these Mythical 5 will have access to special perks that correlate with our comic series.


The way how well Lord Losuer presents himself in front of everyone, his entire existence hasn't been rainbows and butterflies. Emerging from the ousted District 7 of Planet B-4LL,  his family moved to the capital in search of a better life for him and his younger sister. After realizing from an early age that he’s different from the rest, Lord Losuer has exceeded the expectations of everyone that’s around him. Aside from being one of the leading students in terms of academics, he is also one of the students that always gets in trouble with his peers. The hard metal mask Lord Losuer has on his face has been the indicator of how protected he is of himself, his reputation, and lastly, his true self.

                                         SKELLY, THE X-RAY FADEAWAY
Everyone knows that looks can be deceiving. Underneath all the outside looks of Skelly, he is the shine that provides light to whoever is close to him. Bound by many life circumstances, Skelly makes sure that the people that are close to him experience life to the fullest. However, underneath all of the hardships, he remains loyal, and cherishes every moment he experiences with his friends, and family members. Although Skelly has always been the odd one out of every group, he always manages to use his wits and charm to get out of every trouble he gets into.

Oddy’s life has been the easiest. Filled with all the pleasures you can buy, or experience in life. He was born in an upper class-family, that emerges from District 2 where his father is a popular automotive, and spacecraft dealer. Oddy has a habit of modifying himself with the latest trends that are popular mostly in the capital, or new tech advancements that emerge from District 4.

Apart from the luxurious taste of life, his family’s business also requires moving from places to places which damages Oddy’s relationships with everyone he tries to get close with.

                                DRIBBLE, THE DOUBLE XL POUNDER
Dribble hasn't always been like this. He was a perfectly fine bachelor back in his prime days. He let himself go after losing a loved one, the only one who cared for him deeply, for who he is. After some time, he found himself living in the streets of downtown District 4 after his family threw him out, just for being different. Since then, Dribble has been making ends meet by working various jobs to support himself and for food of course, but it always doesn’t last long every time the employer finds out what he is.

Being the bastard son of a well known businessman that is based in District 3, and one of the best educators in District 6. Timmy has an ongoing sense of existential crisis that affects the way his attitude towards other people, and how he behaves in general. When Timmy was old enough, and after his father found out that he was different, he decided to put him in one of the finest, and elite boarding schools on the planet to be educated. It required him to move out of their mansion, and leave the hundreds of hectares of land that his family owns. Just so no one can know that he is different. Apart from his home, Timmy accompanies his father in every business meeting, or errands in the capital ever since he can remember.